Monday, May 21, 2018

Shopping for Acorn Cottage {Bevolo}

On Saturday, J and I also shopped at Bevolo in the French Quarter. 

Adding Southern charm to the new house begins with the addition of a gas lantern, so we stopped into the Bevolo showroom on Royal Street. There are so many lovely lanterns to choose from, and the salesperson {Sarah} could not have been more knowledgeable and helpful.

We favor the French Quarter model and are not certain just yet about the size. I sent Sarah the measurements and rendering, so she will be able to help us choose the right size for the front of our new home.

Take a tour:

While there, we also selected a new mailbox for the front of the house. It is a copper stunner!

I am having so much fun choosing new items for the house. It will be exciting to see the progress.

Bevolo, y'all!


  1. Oh I understand. I have had so much fun with our new house. I love your pretty mailbox and the lantern will be fabulous I am sure.

  2. Oh what a fun place. I’m intrigued by the young man making the copper lanterns!

  3. Good morning, Ron! That gas lantern is so gorgeous and oh so Southern, and I love the copper mailbox! Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Super items! On HGTV "Home Town" they used a gas lantern on a rehab home in Laurel, MS. Can you tell us all how you get a gas connection to the front of your new house? Much happiness.

  5. Both are beautiful. The gooseneck is a little different so I would tend to go with that one!

  6. Love watching you shop for the new house through the Uptown Acorn.


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