Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Acorn Cottage {Kitchen Countertop}

A slab of quartz which will be transformed into the kitchen countertops is a perfect white with gray veining. The gray cabinets and backsplash of white marble with gray "x" accents will all worl well together. I cannot wait until it is installed. Stay tuned!

Countertop Quartz, y'all!


  1. Good evening, Ron! Can't wait to see the quartz on the counter top! I know that it will be beautiful with the cabinets and the back splash! Have a great evening! xoxo

  2. Beautiful! Quartz is really winning popularity over marble because of easier maintenance. Recently one well known blogger who I will not name was hell bent on using marble in her kitchen. Everyone kept telling her quartz was the way to go especially with young children. Then when she was offered a sponsored post by a quartz company she had a chance of heart! Funny, how a sponsored post will do that!

  3. Oh Ron this is really beautiful. I cannot wait to see it in and your backsplash and cabinets installed.
    So exciting to see the pretty cottage coming all together.
    Have a great rest of this week.


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