Monday, March 4, 2019

Throw Me Somethin' {Mardi Gras: Thoth and Bacchus Sunday}

It has been a fun-filled yet exhausting weekend. With many parades along the Uptown route, we hosted many friends on Sunday.

The rains happened between parades, so it helped to make the day even more special (and tolerable). Though the neutral grounds were a mess, it could have been even worse. The temperatures dropped for Bacchus, but the parade is always a beautiful one.

The Acorn Cottage Uptown is now CLOSED for business.... LOL!!! 

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Cheers to Bacchus Sunday, y'all!


  1. So much fun Ron. So glad you live where you can celebrate like this. The floats are great.

  2. Closed until tomorrow?? Lol!

  3. Good morning, Ron, and Happy Mardi Gras! Looks like you made good use of the Acorn Cottage this Mardi Gras season! Have a wonderful day! xoxo


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