Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween 2022 {"If I was not a Teacher" & "Trick or Treats"}

 Happy Halloween to all of my readers! I hope your Halloween is a SPOOKtacular one.

Let's start with my costume. This year at school, the following theme was voted, "If I was not a teacher, I'd be a ___!" Without hesitation, I knew I would dress as a Crime Scene Investigator. I love crime shows, so my chemistry degree would come in handy as a crime buster too.

Here is my costume:

Yesterday, I also spent some time filling cups with candy, stickers, and a pencil for our trick of treaters. The cups were bagged and embossed with a Halloween personalized sticker from Mr. Ron and Mr. J. Last year I had over 50, and they all went. I'm hoping for a good turn-out tonight.

How are you celebrating Halloween?

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Happy Halloween, y'all!


  1. Great costume Ron! And, wow, those are some over-the-top treats for your trick-or-treaters! I bet the recipients are thrilled! Happy Halloween!


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