Sunday, December 3, 2023

It's Looking A Lot Like Christmas {Acorn Cottage: Oh Christmas Tree}

 Right before Thanksgiving J heads out to The Plant Gallery to choose our Christmas tree. Yes! I leave it all up to him since I am in school and cannot get away. A frasier fir tree is our go-to and has been for several years now. The tree is always scheduled for delivery the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, and the decorating begins that evening. A live tree is always placed in the sunroom and decorated with some of our favorite local ornaments as well as ornaments chosen from our travels. It is always fun to reminisce as we unpack each bauble.

2023 Christmas Posts

Santa Doorhanger | Acorn Cottage Facade | Acorn Cottage Facade @ NightChateau Lapeyre |

                     Oh Christmas Tree, y'all!

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