Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I See Spots

I love pillows, for they are an easy way to change or update a look. On a recent jaunt to the Northshore, J & I visited The French Mix in Covington and fell in lust with these spotted pillows. I've never met a cheetah fabric that I do not enjoy.

I added the two pillows in hues of blues and greige to the sofa in the den. They are perfect. By the way, I still like the "chop".

The middle pillow is a custom monogrammed linen one from No. Four Eleven, Savannah.

Uptown Acorn Travels: Northshore

Pillow Palooza, y'all!


  1. I like- I really like! Great color and design!

  2. Ron,
    Love your new cheetah pillows! I am somewhat of a pillow hoarder and love rotating around my pillow stash with the seasons.

  3. Love your new pillows, they are gorgeous.

  4. Cheetah print...now you're talking my language! Methinks there need to be some cheetah print pillows in the living...don't worry, yours are safe...you live too far away to pull a B&E...ha! Love the rich color of the sofa, too.

  5. I just bought some navy blue cheetah print pillows! Great minds:) Love your pillows and love the artwork in the window! Great idea!

  6. Good evening, Ron! I'm just seeing this post--how did I miss this? Maybe because I was shopping in NOLA and spending serious money with Natalie yesterday. I adore those pillows and the chop! That is so HGTV--Fixer Upper comes to mind. Just want you to know that Natalie and I went to La Petite Grocery for lunch yesterday and splurged on the LPG burger--haven't had one in years, and it surely hit the spot. Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo


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