Sunday, November 14, 2021

It's Fall Y'all {Thanksgiving: Dining Room Buffet}

 The dining room buffet is ready for Thanksgiving. White ceramic pumpkins, gold gilded mini pumpkins, and gilded corn cobs look seasonal placed in and surrounding a blue and white bowl. The Carol Hallock painting is still one of my favorites years later. The painting was purchased years ago from Sofas and Chairs as a Christmas gift to J and I.

I am looking most forward to Thanksgiving vacation. It is a much needed break for us.

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Thanksgiving buffet, y'all!


  1. Lovely setup. Where did you buy the blue/white bucket 😍

  2. Good evening, Ron! The buffet looks great! I love the gilded pumpkins and corn cobs! You always find the coolest decorations! Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  3. Love that blue and white bowl! Thanksgiving has always been a special time for us here. We have a history of hosting a number of family and friends. I know how you feel about that Thanksgiving break! It never could arrive quickly enough for me before I retired!

  4. Very pretty and seasonal. Love those lamps!

  5. Love the white ceramic punkies!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving a nd enjoy your break..Are you cooking??

  6. Lovely Ron! I love seeing blue and white porcelain mixed in with fall settings. That is a wonderful picture, I can see why you are still in love with it!

  7. Looking good! Have a great Thanksgiving break!

  8. It looks beautiful, Ron! I really LOVE that painting. Isn't it fun to get something and love it as much even after you have had it for a while? I still love every painting I have ever purchased.

    I hope you and J have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving! xo Diana

  9. Very pretty Ron. I love the blue and white. Enjoy your upcoming Thanksgiving break.


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