Saturday, October 30, 2021

If You Dare {Halloween: New York Decor}

 I have followed Susan Kaufman, @skaufman450, a New York City photographer on Instagram for a long time. Her photos of the seasonal decor in and around the city are amazing. I know there is lots of talent in New York, and these Halloween/Fall photos prove that talent. Enjoy!

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 Halloween in NYC |

Halloween in NYC, y'all!


  1. Classy! And it isn't always easy to make Halloween decorations classy. What a delight these pics are! Thanks for much for sharing, Ron. Is your classroom finished?

  2. I used to have friends in NY and I visited often..Love that city..Thanks for sharing their decor..AMAZING!

  3. These are amazing, so fun. I bet in person, it is over the top.

  4. These are great! She got terrific shots. Looks like we were thinking alike this week in our post ideas. As they say, "great minds...." Happy Halloween, Ron!


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