Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Spooktacular Halloween {The Classroom}

I'm taking a little break from sharing on Perrier to show you how I celebrate October at school.

Keeping with the periodic table theme, I had my favorite etsy designers, Off the Wall Expressions, design a couple BOO signs. 

In the science lab window, I placed one of the BOO signs on a bulletin board surrounded by unique ghosts created by the 7th grade students. Each ghost depicts each student and is filled with their interests. 

Surrounding the board are laminated photos of each 7th grader holding the BOO sign. Students don fun hats and masks as well as orange twinkle lights. Students and parents love photos and artwork.

Hats on skulls and skeletons and lights complete my classroom Halloween decor.

See more of 2016 A Spooktacular Halloween:

A SPOOKtacular Classroom, y'all!


  1. Amazing ! I am in awe at your attention to detail.

  2. Thanks Ron! I love how you use our periodic decals in such a fun and unique way!

    1. You provide me with the things I need to make it a great year.

  3. Wow, you are the best! These kids are always going to remember these fun projects in the classroom. Love the mad scientist! You make coming to class something to look forward to for the kids!

  4. Wow! Looks terrific! How very lucky these kiddos are to have you!

  5. Good morning, Ron! I love how you involve your students in helping to decorate the classroom and how you incorporated the theme of the Periodic Table on the bulletin board--so creative and clever! I know they will never forget how cool Mr. Carrier was when you taught them. The vignette with the mad scientist is the BEST! Have a great day! xoxo

  6. Well Ron, you are an awesome teacher. Why I didn't have a teacher such as yourself when I was growing up. Love the fun Halloween inspiration. xo

  7. This is so great, Ron! Your kids must love having your for their teacher!

  8. Everything is fun and beautiful, Ron! We need more teachers like yourself in schools!

  9. I KNOW that your students must just adore you. You can bet that many of them will remember you as their favorite teacher when they are old and grey. (and you will be older and greyer--sorry 'bout that). lol xo Diana

  10. You are just a super fun person and super cool teacher Ron!


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